About Arctic MSP

A company must stay current with industry standards and practices. It’s even better when they stay ahead. That’s what we’ve been doing since 1988. And that’s what we bring to the table every time we help a client. Your business runs better with better technology and that’s what we provide—a full range of IT services.


So just what IS a managed services provider?


Get the IT department you need, the one you deserve, without breaking the bank. With Arctic MSP you can finally have confidence in your network, systems, hardware, software, and in reliable real people to do the work.


Arctic MSP started out as Dan Herman Consulting, Inc. but changed its name to convey “top of the world” quality for all your IT needs. And the view from the top of the world is spectacularly panoramic and all encompassing—kind of like the knowledge, skills, training, and services we provide.


Please contact us today to find out how we can solve your IT concerns, calm your IT fears, and make IT work harder and smarter for you.

Give us a call at 541-654-8021 or drop us a line info@arcticmsp.com.

We’re located at 80 River Loop 2, Ste B,  Eugene, OR  97404